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Civil/Civil Structures Graduate Engineer


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You're the kind of person with a head full of ideas, incredible creative energy and a really good imagination. Our Graduate Development Program is designed to open up a world of possibilities for you. You’ll get to work on ground-breaking projects, enjoy quality mentoring from top professionals, and be exposed to all sorts of challenges with individually-tailored support to ensure you succeed.


As a graduate, you will aim to develop key knowledge and skills that will allow you to provide a high quality of consultant services. This may take the form of undertaking relevant modelling, analytical research, and design work within your relevant business area. There will be a structured career plan and development program to assist you in attaining the desired level of knowledge and skills.
We are looking for graduates to join our two year graduate program in the civil or civil structures discipline.
Key Skills & Experience
Key Skills
  • Problem solving / analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to interpret and carry out instructions
  • Ability to use basic theoretical knowledge of core principles relating to your discipline to analyse and interpret information
Key Experience
Up to 1 year of relevant professional experience coupled with a Degree in relevant subject.
Expect to be valued for your commitment. Expect to enjoy a range of benefits and an active social life. Expect to grow in a more rewarding career.


Job Number: ADE00000C
Category: Civil Engineering
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Date Posted: Oct. 13, 2016
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