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At Arup, our innovative spirit compels us to express our ingenuity in unique ways —developing many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable buildings, transport and civil engineering projects. Arup is a global engineering and consulting firm of 12,000 creative minds. Our integrated approach to engineering and design brings together the best professionals to meet our clients’ needs.

Our San Francisco office is currently seeking a Logistics Consultant to undertake a range of operations, material handling and supply chain consulting activities.

The Logistics Consultant role is incorporated into our Integrated Planning team, working on developing the integrated transportation and operational solutions for cities and developments at multiple scales. As a Logistics Consultant, you will report to the Senior Logistics Consultant who will oversee the delivery of the project and check all deliverables and calculations.

You will work in design or client teams probably with a broad range of other experts, such as engineers and architects, to deliver operational solutions for new developments. This will include:

• Evaluating the logistics requirements using some of our in house tools, such as logistics vehicle and transportation calculations, waste volumes and material handling evaluations
• Designing logistics areas such as loading bays, material handling areas, storage rooms and waste management rooms
• Undertaking research into the best operational solutions for the development
• Developing operational processes, designing logistics systems, detailed equipment requirements and staffing levels
• Producing operational logistics reports with calculations, diagrams and recommendations

This input can make a significant impact to the design requirements and operational viability of some new developments. Our consultants therefore usually get involved at a very early stage of the design process to ensure that our clients’ operational requirements are fully understood and embedded in the design process.

We are very keen for our staff to work across teams and across sectors to provide a broad range of experience across our work in Integrated Planning.

• A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Management or transportation, logistics and management-related field.
• Good communication skills essential for team-based working. Working in a team is a key aspect of the work we deliver and candidates need to be good team players that can provide creative input during design team meetings.
• Excellent planning and organization skills required for our fast-paced environment.
• Must be highly motivated, proactive and willing to take on new challenges.
• Good knowledge of Microsoft software, such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word, is also expected.
• Experience in discrete event simulation modeling a plus (e.g. Arena, Simio software etc.).

The role will require an ability to interpret architects drawings and the use of AutoCAD to open and review drawings and undertake analysis of vehicle maneuverability using a Swept Path Analysis software called Vehicle Tracking.

Share your passion and experience in a global culture that believes your potential to achieve is endless. This is your opportunity to shine.

Arup is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.
Job Number: SAN00006G
Category: Transportation Planning
San Francisco, California, United States

Date Posted: Oct. 18, 2016
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